Procedure of services


Procedure of services is as follows.

  1. We receive your inquiry for service by E-mail or Fax (+81-3-4500-8566).
  2. We respond to your inquiry with advice after quick review.
  3. Please review our comments.

In case your concern is resolved by our initial response, the service is done without charge. Otherwise, we will proceed the following steps.

  1. Please inform us that you need further support from us.
  2. We send you the service agreement by E-mail or Fax.
  3. Please review the agreement and sign if you agree on the terms, and send back to us by E-mail or Fax. Otherwise, please inform us of your intention. If you inform us that you disagee on the terms of the agreement or we do not receive any response from you within two weeks from sending the service agreement, we will terminate the service.
  4. We will get started on the work just after executing the service agreement.
  5. We will prepare and provide you with appropriate documents after hearing the details of your request by E-mail, Fax, phone call, or even face-to-face interview.
  6. The work is done after you review the documents.
  7. Please pay the service fee along with the actual expenses if any.