Service Fee



Service fee (tax not included) unit in Japanese Yen

1. Consultation

E-mail or Fax 1,000 per response
(free of charge for the initial response)
  Telephone 1,000 per 10 minutes
Face-to-face interview 3,000 per 30 minutes
  • In case the paper work is required, the service fee shown below includes the fee above.


2. Preparation and modification of contract document (English or Japanese)

  Newly drafting document 30,000
(in case the document contains more than 10 pages, 3,000 page.)
Preparation of counter draft 10,000 per exchange
  • 30,000 per month (fixed fee) for 6 months contract is also available.


3. Preparation of inheritance related documents

   Inheritance Relation Chart /
Last Will and Testament


4. Translation of contract document

  English to Japanese 15 per word in original document
Japanese to English 10 per character in original document


5. Preparation of Articles of Incorporation "Teikan" for legal entity in Japan

  Drafting AoI 10,000
Electronic  Signature for AoI 10,000
  • In case of the stock company (Kabushiki Kaisha), the attestation of a notary public is required for AoI. Please inform us if you need.


6. Preparation of document for establishment of legal entity in Japan

  Minutes of meeting 10,000
(in case the documnet contains more than 10 pages, 1,000 per page.
  Letter of appointment acceptance 5,000 per person


7. Print and book binding

  Print and book binding 2,000 per 10 sheets
(in case the document contains more than 10 sheets, 200 per sheet.)
Shipping Actual cost



  • Document size should be A4 (Letter size is not popular in Japan). We will provide you with the document in electromagnetic form that is Word or pdf file. If you need the document gets printed and binded, please ask us.
  • Service fee is caluculated by the time acutually spent in case of consultation only or the volume of documents prepared in the service multiplied by the unit fee set forth above. The consumption tax is also required.
  • We will ask you to pay the actual expenses such as traveling, transportation and application fee whenever we need.
  • Advanced payment (10,000 Japanese Yen) is required before starting the service.
  • We will ask you to pay the service fee after the service is completed if the service is done within a month. Otherwise, please make the payment every month for the work done in the previous month.
  • The bank transfer fee shall be borne by you.